Continuing Education Requirements

All RTI members must attain a minimum of forty-five (45) hours of continuing education each year.

All Continuing Education Hours (CEH) must relate to Hypnosis and /or Counseling and/or Mind, Body Spirit Healing. They are to be documented with copies of certificates, letters, summaries, etc.

The following represent ways to acquire the required forty-five (45) hours.

  • Completing Advanced Specialty Courses offered by the College of Professional Hypnotherapy. Courses and hours awarded are,

1. Hypnosis For Adolescents (30 CEH)
2. Hypnosis For Childbirthing (30 CEH)
3. Hypnosis For Children (30 CEH)
4. Hypnosis For Dentistry (30 CEH)
5. Hypnosis For Disease (30 CEH)
6. Hypnosis For Fears & Phobias (30 CEH)
7. Hypnosis For Fertility (30 CEH)
8. Hypnosis For Learning Disabilities (30 CEH)
9. Hypnosis For Pain (30 CEH)
10. Hypnosis For Sexual Dysfunction (30 CEH)
11. Hypnosis For Sleep Disorders (30 CEH)
12. Hypnosis For Soul Regression (30 CEH)
13. Hypnosis For Sports (30 CEH)
14. Hypnosis For Working With Developmentally Delayed Individuals (30 CEH)
15. Emergency Hypnosis (30 CEH)
16. Forensic Hypnosis (30 CEH)
17. Lucid Dreaming (30 CEH)
18. Managing Menopause (30 CEH)
19. Releasing Entities (30 CEH)
20. Remote Viewing (30 CEH)
21. Super Learning (30 CEH)
22. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (30 CEH)

  • Taking the Certified Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist Program offered by College of Professional Hypnotherapy. The CCCHt Program consists of the following courses and hours awarded,

1. Abuse and Trauma Treatment and Support (30 CEH)
2. Advanced Counselling Skills (30 CEH)
3. Grief Counselling (30 CEH)
4. Human Development and Family Therapy for Hypnotherapists (30 CEH)
5. Hypnosis For Addictions (30 CEH)
6. Working with Couples Using Hypnotherapy (30 CEH)

  • Listening to teleseminars The Online Community Site offers access to participating on teleseminars, as well as listening previously recorded teleseminars. (Credits are awarded hour for hour. For example, if the teleseminar is 1 hour long you receive 1 CEH)
  • Watching webinars. The Online Community Site offers access to participating on webinars, as well as watching previously recorded webinars. (Credits are awarded hour for hour. For example, if the webinar is 1.5 hours long you receive 1.5 CEH)
  • Reading books, listening to audio programs, or watching educational videos. The Online Community Site has recommended books, audio programs and videos as Additional Resources. Mandatory books, audios and videos relating to specific courses are not included because those hours already count towards your course. (Credits are awarded hour for hour. For example, if the audio is 3 hours long you receive 3 CEH; if it takes you 4 hours to read a book you receive 4 CEH)
  • Earning a diploma or degree. (Credits are awarded hour for hour.)
  • Attending events, trainings, courses, meetings, conferences, lectures, seminars. RTI hosts an annual international conference. (Credits are awarded hour for hour. For example, if the conference is 32 hours long you receive 32 CEH)

At the time of membership renewal you will be asked to provide proof of CEH. All Continuing Education Hours must be documents, in one of the following ways,

  • Submit a summary for each topic. For example, if you attend a three hour lecture, write a summary highlighting what you learned.
  • Submit copies of certificates or letters of attendance. For example, if you complete one of the Advanced Specialty Courses or CCCHt courses submit a copy of your certificate of completion.