Catherine Zeta-Jones experience with Bipolar II

Hi, it’s Jennifer Alexander and I just finished reading an article on Catherine Zeta-Jones. The article reported that Catherine is being treated for bipolar II disorder.

People with bipolar II swing from severe depression to a milder and briefer manic state called hypomania. "People notice a change, but it's not extreme," Miklowitz said.

David J. Miklowitz, PhD, is a professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Usual treatments for bipolar II include medications and psychotherapy.  In general, a patient with bipolar II might be hospitalized because outpatient interventions didn't work and time away from stressors is needed to tweak medications or treatment plans.  Miklowtitz said, "One thing we know that we didn't know 20 years ago is that it's affected by stress.”

Miklowitz went on to say that better medication options and targeted psychotherapy techniques have improved the prognosis for many people with bipolar disease.  Instead of focusing on general support, therapists today teach patients and their families how to recognize and understand the triggers for mood changes and how to make changes to prevent severe episodes.  Such efforts might include getting more sleep or adjusting medication.

So here’s the problem with that recommendation…. It’s too superficial and isn’t getting to the real cause of the problem. Yes, episodes of bipolar can be triggered by stress, as are many illness and other problems people face every day. However the reason most people don’t usually get any better is because they try to treat the current problem, like Miklowitz suggested more sleep and medication.  That’s totally absurd and it’s only taking a band-aid approach to truly helping people.

What really needs to happen is people with these types of symptoms need to get to the root cause of their problem and since most issues first start in very early childhood, in fact many times during the gestation period in the womb, these are the real stressors that must be dealt with before any real progress can be made.

But here’s the problem with that… people cannot remember back that far in their memories and so they are completely unaware that a problem even happened back as a wee little child.  Problems can be as simple as parents yelling at a child to as complex as being abused.  Nonetheless no matter how traumatic the event is, if it is hurtful then it is stored in our cellular memory and it must be cleared in order to no longer experience the symptoms of things such as bipolar and any other problem a person is facing.

Hey, but if you're reading this blog then it means you likely already know how to overcome your traumatic childhood events to get the results you want in your life because you're a student of mine so no worries for you!!! Please make sure you leave your feedback and a comment on this blog so I can respond to you.

Love, Jennifer

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