The Hypnotherapy Opportunity

Hypnotherapy is one of the world’s fastest growing health and wellness professions. More than ever before in history, people internationally are seeking out the services of complementary, natural and holistic health or wellness professionals.

Nearly one-half of all medical visits made today are with natural/holistic practitioners. Today there is a greater need for properly trained hypnotherapists to meet the challenges of the trend we are facing and will continue to experience in the future.

In Canada, recent government statistics show that $4,400 is spent on every man, woman and child on healthcare. In the United States the amount is approximately 50% more. Here are some other troubling statistics

  • 15% of the population suffers from the pain of arthritis
  • 8% of the population has trouble breathing with asthma
  • 18% of the population suffers from obesity causing heart problems, high blood pressure, self esteem issues and other physical ailments
  • 17% of the population poisons their bodies from smoking addictions
  • 18% of the population suffers from high blood pressure
  • 11% of the population suffers from overuse of alcohol and drugs
  • 20% of the population plays at least 15 rounds of golf per year and desire to shoot a better golf game

Science is now proving that virtually 80-90% of problems and physical manifestations are a product of the effect of the mind and how we think about ourselves and the world we interact with. These problems and physical ailments can be reduced and even eliminated if we change how we think and address the core underlying subconscious issues that affect how we think and how we react in our environment.

The opportunity to help others in the area of hypnotherapy is huge and the institutional medical community now is beginning to recognize that dealing with symptoms while providing temporary relief is not the solution.

In an increasing complex and stressful world, the need to create solutions for rapid, lasting results of the body-mind-spirit connection has never been greater combined with the need to establish a competent, care giving community that provides a cost effective means for behavioral restoration and recovery.