Become a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapists certified at the Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist level (CCHt) are already trained and certified at the Certified Hypnotherapist level and now are trained to assist in addressing clinical issues and disorders with a more advanced level of training and expertise.

Additional Areas of specialty focus for the Certified Clinical Hypnotherapistlevel to help in the lives of others are highlighted in bold below and include:

  • Advanced addition disorders
  • Assist in addressing pain and disease
  • Addressing clinical, mental and personality disorders
  • Anger management
  • Assist in crime forensics
  • Elimination of sleep disorders
  • Addressing sexual dysfunction
  • Enhance learning skills and elimination of learning dysfunction
  • Weight Loss
  • Freedom from smoking addiction
  • Eliminating fears and phobias
  • Elimination of stress
  • Elimination of anxiety
  • Pain-free childbirthQualify-for-Grants-Button
  • Improved Fertility
  • Sports Enhancement
  • Freedom from Dental Pain
  • Managing menopause
  • Grief management
  • Creating freedom from traumatic interpersonal relationship strongholds
  • Enhanced super learning
  • Creating freedom from other close relationship strongholds

The RTI DifferenceFind-out-about-membership-criteria-Button

All certifications are not alike.

The CCHt designation is the highest in the field of hypnotherapy requiring the highest level of training in-class hours, practicum requirements and level of knowledge not only in therapy skills but also in areas of personal development and business.

While RTI certifies hypnotherapists based on the academic achievement requirements and successful completion of required RTI exams to use the CCHt designation, RTI believes it is important that all 3 elements of therapy, personal development and business be completed to enhance the success factor in your hypnotherapy practice and RTI certified schools provide all three elements along with proprietary rapid healing processes to get to the root cause of the problem facing an individual versus dealing with the symptom.

RTI’s focus and mission is client results. It’s that simple.

RTI’s vision of total mind-body restoration offers the public significant benefits such as effective therapeutic and cost effective solutions versus alternative mainstream thinking. As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt) you are the most prepared in the area of behavioral, performance enhancement and clinical and able to offer solutions required today (that are related to behavioral/performance enhancement and clinical issues) that are cost effective and beneficial to solving the problems in the general public.

Qualified Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists are certified and accredited internationally through RTI. Members of RTI meet or exceed the standards of education and skill7-Steps-to-Selecting-Perfect-School-Buttoncompetency established by RTI and are trained through schools with certified RTI instructors in the practice of not only the long standing medical and behavioral techniques in the practice of hypnosis, but also in proprietary rapid healing processes offered in schools with certified RTI instructors.

If you want to find out more about the specific membership criteria for Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist level ask our live support chat or click on important areas you would like to find out about, such as selecting the perfect school, qualifying for grants or finding out about membership criteria as a CCHT. Join the elite community of qualified RTI certified clinical hypnotherapists serving others.