Our Commitment & Vision

Our Commitment & Vision is Client Results.
It's that Simple.

In an increasing complex and stressful world, the need to create solutions for rapid, lasting results of the body-mind-spirit connection has never been greater combined with the need to establish a competent, care giving community that provides a cost effective means for behavioral restoration and recovery.

RTI is the certifying body dedicated to raising the therapy practice and training skills certification standards of hypnotherapists to assist the general public with the increasing complexities concerning health and wellness. RTI is dedicated not only to raising the standards but also to supporting and identifying effective behavioral restoration processes and alternative leading techniques focused on addressing root cause healing therapies that strive towards total restoration versus labeling, and maintenance of, disorders.

RTI's vision of total mind-body restoration offers the public significant benefits such as effective therapeutic and cost effective solutions versus alternative mainstream thinking.

Qualified hypnotherapists are certified and accredited internationally through RTI. Members of RTI meet or exceed the standards of education and skill competency established by RTI and are trained through schools with certified RTI instructors in the practice of not only the long standing medical and behavioral techniques in the practice of hypnosis, but also in proprietary rapid healing processes offered in schools with certified RTI instructors.