Membershipship Benefits

Results Therapy International (RTI) and College of Professional Hypnotherapy (CPH together, jointly bring the following member benefits to you.

Credentials are Recognized Internationally

  • Your RTI certification along with your CPH transcript will be respected around the world
  • To display for recognition and accomplishment

Professional Liability Insurance (PLI), General Liability Insurance (GLI), and Malpractice Insurance

  • One of the most comprehensive and least expensive plans in North America available through RTI

Networking Throughout the World

  • The Online Community Site available through allows you to network with your colleagues around the globe
  • Provides support, personal development and continued education

Multi-language Internet Website

  • Increases public awareness
  • Provides flexibility to members of various dialects

Interactive Online Community Site Website (available through CPH)

  • Create your own profile with your picture and company information
  • Receive product discounts
  • Ask instructors questions and receive quick replies
  • Complete your tests online
  • Instant chat with other members
  • Blog
  • Participate in group discussions
  • Find willing practicum participants
  • Find available office space and post your own too
  • Download forms and templates
  • View others events and post your own too
  • View other members requests and post your own too
  • View business opportunities and post your own too
  • Read success stories and share your own too
  • Get connected to World Hypnotism Day
  • Participate in “Advancing Futures” where we work collectively to raise awareness of the benefits of complementary and alternative medicine
  • Download course curriculum updates
  • Listen to teleseminars, watch webinars, hear radio shows and create your own too
  • Access our online bookstore
  • And much, much more!

International Online Referral Directory

  • Designed to help you build your practice easier and faster
  • Your name, the name of your practice, your email address, website, and phone number, along with your three areas of specialty and your client testimonials will be listed on the CPH website in our referral directory
  • Receive referrals both locally and internationally

Advanced Specialty Courses

  • Available online in the Community Site at CPH
  • Complete courses from the comfort of your home
  • Large selection of courses to chose from at very reasonable prices
  • Completing courses contributes towards Continuing Education Hours
  • Become the “Expert” in any of the following specialty areas,
    1. Hypnosis For Adolescents
    2. Hypnosis For Childbirthing
    3. Hypnosis For Children
    4. Hypnosis For Dentistry
    5. Hypnosis For Disease
    6. Hypnosis For Fears & Phobias
    7. Hypnosis For Fertility
    8. Hypnosis For Learning Disabilities
    9. Hypnosis For Pain
    10. Hypnosis For Sexual Dysfunction
    11. Hypnosis For Sleep Disorders
    12. Hypnosis For Soul Regression
    13. Hypnosis For Sports
    14. Hypnosis For Working With Developmentally Delayed Individuals
    15. Emergency Hypnosis
    16. Forensic Hypnosis
    17. Lucid Dreaming
    18. Managing Menopause
    19. Releasing Entities
    20. Remote Viewing
    21. Super Learning
    22. Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Certified Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist Program

  • Available online in the Community Site at CPH
  • Complete courses from the comfort of your home
  • Comprehensive courses at very reasonable price
  • Completing courses contributes towards Continuing Education Hours
  • Courses within the program include,
    1. Abuse and Trauma Treatment and Support
    2. Advanced Counselling Skills
    3. Grief Counseling
    4. Human Development & Family Therapy for Hypnotherapists
    5. Hypnosis for Addictions
    6. Working With Couples using Hypnotherapy

Ultimate Client Growth Breakthrough Program

  • Available via at home study
  • Complete the program from the comfort of your home
  • Comprehensive program at very reasonable price
  • You don’t have to work harder to get more clients, you have to have a belief system and the know-how to run a successful client practice. With the Ultimate Client Growth Breakthrough Program you will be given all the tools and processes using a proven 8 Step Formula that will help you build a successful practice. You will learn how to create better client results, attain more clients, and make exceptional money. One member who has completed the 8 Step Formula says... “I’ve now made over $6,000 per month for three consecutive months with minimal effort!” - Tanya Hrehirchuk

Annual Conference

  • Annual conferences held in exotic locations
  • Conferences are open to all members plus their family
  • 10 day conference includes: training, community events, special dinners, celebrations, acknowledgements, team building events, etc. Plus there will be lots of time to relax and enjoy friends and family in the HEAT!